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Humility by AwkwardScience Humility :iconawkwardscience:AwkwardScience 3 0
Deep Purple by AwkwardScience Deep Purple :iconawkwardscience:AwkwardScience 1 0
The Truffle
Steadfast despite Thardin's best efforts at excavation, the black shining rock pile before him would not be moved. He looked back at Ingrid who was panting from the effort of her spell. It was simply too much debris to clear. She shook her head at him and sat down dejectedly. Thardin was reeling mentally from the shock of the event that had suddenly stymied their whole rescue attempt. He held his torch up higher trying to get a glimpse farther into the tunnel.
"Come. Let's keep moving."
Ingrid nodded and he helped her to her feet, she fixed her hat and the sound of her light feet soon patted along behind his boot-clanks on the dusty rock floor. Musty cavern air wafted thick and cool around them. Water still dripped down as they worked deeper underground making the rock shiny as the orange glow touched and illuminated them.
"Thardin. . . Would they have. . . been able to escape that rock collapse?"
"I Don't know."
"Well you ought to act like you care a bit more." Ingrid grew cros
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My desk by AwkwardScience My desk :iconawkwardscience:AwkwardScience 0 0 Lotus and Freckles by AwkwardScience Lotus and Freckles :iconawkwardscience:AwkwardScience 29 7 Neutral Milk Pyramid by AwkwardScience Neutral Milk Pyramid :iconawkwardscience:AwkwardScience 14 5
Mike Ski Article
A lot of bands claim that they're trying to be different while producing the same sort of generic music that has been played so many times over. The A.K.A.s stand in stark contrast with these sort of sell-out bands. With a lineup of Mike Ski on lead vocals, Josie Outlaw on keyboard, Chachi Darin on drums, Justin Perry the bassist, and lead guitar by Vegas Davis, they are unique in a large part because of their music which has been described as "anthemic" and most commonly as "dancehall fight music." To many, though, who know the band beyond the songs, An even larger portion of the individuality of the five band members streams from their passionate spirit.
Not the least of which comes from their broad involvement in subjects like human rights, voter awareness, and saving the planet. "We did a big campaign with New Dream to stop people from using plastic bags." says Mike Ski, the band's lead singer. He commented that it may seem mundane, but "Challenging people's everyday actions, and b
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-Down in Back- by AwkwardScience -Down in Back- :iconawkwardscience:AwkwardScience 2 30 M.M. by AwkwardScience M.M. :iconawkwardscience:AwkwardScience 1 118 For PC by AwkwardScience For PC :iconawkwardscience:AwkwardScience 4 26 The Girl and I by AwkwardScience The Girl and I :iconawkwardscience:AwkwardScience 5 146 -Ahoy- by AwkwardScience -Ahoy- :iconawkwardscience:AwkwardScience 1 16 Hey Mister. . . by AwkwardScience Hey Mister. . . :iconawkwardscience:AwkwardScience 1 2 Guess Who. by AwkwardScience Guess Who. :iconawkwardscience:AwkwardScience 0 9 Mowhawks. . . Don't Like Rain. by AwkwardScience Mowhawks. . . Don't Like Rain. :iconawkwardscience:AwkwardScience 1 60 For Wolfbane 65 again. by AwkwardScience For Wolfbane 65 again. :iconawkwardscience:AwkwardScience 0 2 For Wolfbane65 by AwkwardScience For Wolfbane65 :iconawkwardscience:AwkwardScience 2 2 Rotating Machinery by AwkwardScience Rotating Machinery :iconawkwardscience:AwkwardScience 0 28 Gimme a Lift by AwkwardScience Gimme a Lift :iconawkwardscience:AwkwardScience 0 21 Is That So? by AwkwardScience Is That So? :iconawkwardscience:AwkwardScience 0 4 Father Hickey by AwkwardScience Father Hickey :iconawkwardscience:AwkwardScience 0 22 Bristles by AwkwardScience Bristles :iconawkwardscience:AwkwardScience 0 25 On The Half Shell. by AwkwardScience On The Half Shell. :iconawkwardscience:AwkwardScience 0 10 Rough by AwkwardScience Rough :iconawkwardscience:AwkwardScience 1 9


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